1. Shipping Rates

    We offer competitive shipping rates to ensure you get the best value for your money.

    Ground Delivery Rates inside the United States (*):

    • Up to $20.00 = $5.89
    • $20.01 to $30.00 = $7.95
    • $30.01 to $40.00 = $9.95
    • $40.01 to $50.00 = $10.95
    • $50.01 to $70.00 = $11.95
    • $70.01 to $199.00 = $12.95
    • $199.01 to $300.00 = $18.95
    • $300.01 to $400.00 = $22.95
    • More than $400.01 = $24.95

    Shipments to Puerto Rico are available at a different shipping rate that will be provided during the purchase process. At this time, we are unable to offer shipments to Alaska, Hawaii, and other non-contiguous islands that are not part of the continental territory.

  2. Shipping Rates Variances

    Orders of exceptional size or weight may incur additional charges. If such charges are relevant to your order, we will notify you accordingly.

    Some items may require shipping via LTL (Less Than Truckload), and in such cases, we will notify you. This service operates on a quote request basis, and the price may vary depending on the requested service. Please note that once the quote is paid, it cannot be canceled.

  3. Partial Shipments

    In certain cases, we may partially fulfill your order to expedite delivery. Our team carefully evaluates each situation to ensure timely service.

  4. Our Shipping Partners

    We work with a network of trusted shipping partners, including FedEx, USPS, UPS, and select carriers for LTL services. Our Shipping Department selects the carrier based on the specific order, taking into consideration any special requests from customers that better fit their needs.

  5. International Shipping

    Currently, we only ship within the continental United States and Puerto Rico. If you require alternative shipping solutions, please explore our Help Center's shipping section for further information.